Glam N' Cheese is a Glam Metal podcast and Facebook Live show made in New Zealand which celebrates the greatest Hair Metal of the eighties and today, as well as the cheesiest music ever made. We are proud to be part of the network. You can listen whenever you like by visiting this site, or subscribing to our podcast on Google Podcasts. Stay updated on our Facebook page! If you love eighties Glam Metal / Hair Metal / Sleaze Metal as well as all the other things that made the eighties great like WWF Wrestling then you're in the right place. If you live in NZ then try to catch us on Facebook Live every other Saturday night.


Glam N' Cheese #35

This week’s show cranks out all the 80’s glam gold, Ant give some gardening tips, or rather some gardening pitfalls to avoid, and then cranks out a dedication for the missus to score another big ass bag of brownie points, after having finally recovered from the last time! Brendon naturally chips in with his 2 cents and tries to ruin it! Then he rips out a power ballad straight from SpongeBob SquarePants as he admits it’s getting harder and harder to find quality cheese from the 80’s movie soundtracks. Next Ant slowly realises that Brendon makes tonnes of cash on the show through personal sponsorship deals… The box of extra cheesy goodness gets creaked open for some pioneering cheese rock! Then we wind up the show with Brendon slightly bumping up his long term average in round 11 of Beat The Brendon!

01 SKID ROW Youth Gone Wild
02 BRIGHTON ROCK Rock N' Roll Kid
03 RATT One Good Lover
06 DAVID GLEN EISLEY Sweet Victory
07 JULIAN ANGEL Bad Boys Never Dance
08 SPINAL TAP Bitch School
09 DE LA CRUZ Back To The 80's