Glam N' Cheese is a Glam Metal podcast and Facebook Live show made in New Zealand which celebrates the greatest Hair Metal of the eighties and today, as well as the cheesiest music ever made. We are proud to be part of the network. You can listen whenever you like by visiting this site, or subscribing to our podcast on Google Podcasts. Stay updated on our Facebook page! If you love eighties Glam Metal / Hair Metal / Sleaze Metal as well as all the other things that made the eighties great like WWF Wrestling then you're in the right place. If you live in NZ then try to catch us on Facebook Live every other Saturday night.


Glam N' Cheese #151


1511SKID ROWCan't Wait Till Right Here
1513STEEL PANTHERIf I Was The King
1514FIREHOUSEReach For The Sky
1515WARD 10For A Short While
1516STEPHEN PEARCYTen Miles Wide